Werkstattkonzert 1. Set

Fr, 15. September 2017 – 20:15

Since the beginning of their collaboration a few years back, Field-Vidic have been exploring the musical tradition of jazz, starting with the explosive free jazz of the late 1960s and 1970s. Their work is influenced by traditional as well as electronic musics, the interaction of vapours, the articulation of wind, the sound of camels as they drink, the politics of the dwarf man as well as Dangling Jim. The music of the duo Field-Vidic is wood and air, skins and pipes, images of wet trees, it's spangles and hay. Explosive, poetic, cheeky, resolutely committed and simultaneously not at all…

  • Gregor Vidic – Saxophon
  • Nicolas Field – Schlagzeug

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