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Fr, 16. März 2018 – 20:15 ics

Riccardo La Foresta is a drummer, percussionist and improviser who is constantly researching for new possibilities of percussion materials.
Graduated in Jazz with the highest marks in the Conservatory of Ferrara (bachelor studies), Parma and Stockholm (master studies), refining in several masterclasses between Italy and New York.
His approach to the instrument is made up of gestures brought to the maximum and minimum auditory consequences, through a surrogate of a drumset, particularly by using an instrument that he invented and officially presented at Tempo Reale (founded by L. Berio) in September 2017: the Drummophone.
The Drummophone is a wind instrument obtained from a drum and a cymbal connected togheter that offers endless possibilities of timbres and vibrating surface preparations.
In the live performance the sound emancipation of the mechanical parts of the instrument brings a new vitality to the traditional gesture and leads to unpredictable sound responses.
Leader of Kind Of Mosh post-jazz quartet, published by El Gallo Rojo Records, and "half" of Sho Shin Duo( free improvisation duo active since 2013 that released three records/Setola Di Maiale label), active member of several duo-to-orchestral ensembles, drums and music teacher, organizer of new and experimental music concerts in Modena, he played in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Poland and in some of the most important venues and festivals in Italy.

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