Werkstattkonzert 3. Set

Fr, 28. September 2018 – 21:00 ics

Emilio Bernè, improviser, composer, his drumming is inspired by a mix of freejazz, electronics and noise influences researching closed to performing arts.
Most of the inspiration for this solo comes from artists that work with an interdisciplinary vision. Playing drums thinking noise turntablism, searching sound as an analog synthesizers musician. Attracted by error beats and defective functions, this solo is a crack of simulated electronics composed by amplified metal strings on cymbals and spinner on snare, fragments of beats passing by freejazz and noise/breakcore

He has collaborated with international renowned artists such as Jean-Francois Laporte, Betrand Gauguet,Gianni Gebbia, Playing in many festivals (Dametrale Film Festiva "Innsbruck" Blast Frustration "Nancy" Fragment "Metz"

  • Emilio Bernè – Schlagzeug

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