Werkstattkonzert 2. Set

Fr, 14. Dezember 2018 – 21:00 ics

Acre works on forms, images and places of music and listening.
The group’s sound is made up of some recognizable music influences, and focuses on the way these influences are dealt
with, letting them “interfere”: the free jazz impro praxis, the real time elaboration of synthetic sounds, the timbre and
sign research borrowed by academical western music.
After the debut album with Megasound Records we have released a second album with the portuguese Creative Sources Rec.
The artistic proposal is not so common, but we love to produce what we feel like a necessary and contemporary art form.

  • Ermanno Baron – Schlagzeug, Objekte
  • Ginomaria Boschi – Gitarre
  • Marco Bonini – Elektronik

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