Werkstattkonzert 2. Set

Fr, 23. März 2018 – 21:00 ics

Gaspard Beck and Stéphane Clor duo

« To sustain a sound until its disintegration » might be the motto of this duo. The physical involvement is a very important parameter of their music which deals with repetitions, beat and sharp interactions. Gaspard and Stéphane get to know each other in Mulhouse a few years ago, before they started that new project in October 2017. Involved in improvised and experimental musics, their interests also goes to afro beat, free jazz, traditional musics and visual arts. They are notably part of the free music collective P.I.L.S based in Strasbourg.

  • Stéphane Clor – Bass
  • Gaspard Beck – Schlagzeug

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