Fr, 25. September 2020 – 20:15 ics

most days have been confusing, aggravating. not always. when you’re down, nina simone starts to sing and sudden heavy rain washes your tears away with more water. water has been around a lot recently, more than usual, in various forms. and mud. mud, too, very often. mud sticks. fred’s lips do the words, silently. i hear them, every morning. carol bruce /cut out /sings, too
i really didn’t know at all
and all another cut, again,
today in the flesh of a blackbird

tell me
can you see your rage
reflecting on
the saxophone bell?

1. Set: surprise tba!
2. Set: Xaver, Steve, Tapiwa

COVID-19: Maximal 15 Personen, inklusive Musiker*innen. Es gibt keinen Barbetrieb. Besucher*innen können ihre Getränke selbst mitbringen.

  • Tapiwa Svosve – Saxophon, Midi-Drum
  • Xaver Rüegg – Bass
  • Steve Buchanan – Saxophon, Elektronik

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