Werkstattkonzert 2. Set

Fr, 8. Februar 2019 – 21:00 ics

Picasso once said: "to paint a painting you must have an idea, but it must be a vague one." Thus, for those who set out to make art, the balance between seeking a vaguely intuited reality or exploring the totally unknown real would be gently tipped towards the former. Artists, then, would be primarily seekers, although almost totally aware of the unknown that surrounds them on their quest. But, can such a definition of "artist" be accurately applied to free improvisers? Spanish-based French-American electroacoustic improviser Wade Matthews and Swiss-based Argentinian improvising violinist Diego Kohn are not certain of the answer, but they are seeking and they are exploring. The rest is sound.

  • Wade Matthews – Elektronik
  • Diego Kohn – Geige, Bratsche

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