Werkstattkonzert 2. Set

Fr, 8. Juni 2018 – 21:00 ics

Simone Massaron, Italian guitarist from Milan, started learning piano with his father Sergio, who was an orchestra conductor. In the first 16 years of his life he played different instruments (piano, guitar, bass, drums) in different local bands, creating a poly-instrumental background that influenced his way of playing and imagining the guitar.

His style on the instrument shows his eclecticism and pleasure in crossing over genres, such as radical improvisation, avant-garde free music, live looping but also pre-war blues and live soundtracks on silent movies.

Simone loves the guitar in all its forms. He's always experimented directly on the structure of the instrument (he graduated in lutherie), he's approached and modified various typologies of instruments, also going through the fretless guitar, and continues his research day after day.

  • Simone Massaron – Gitarre

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