Fr, 5. April 2019 – 20:15 ics

Travis Reuter is a guitarist and composer. He enjoys writing music and playing music. 

Jason Nazary is a drummer/producer/improviser/composer from Atlanta and based in Brooklyn. Fascinated by the intersection of acoustic and electronic music, Jason has been a force in New York's creative music scene for over a decade. He's released two records under his solo project, So Ghost, that explore the use of acoustic drums as trigger and control sources for electronic instruments in the context of raw, minimalist compostion and improvisation. 

Dalius Singer is born 1985, grown up in Lithuania and living today in Winterthur.
Dalius got closer to Switzerland studying Jazztrumpet in Denmark 2009. Falling in love some years later, he settled to Winterthur. His own programmed effects in combination with his trumpet- and flugelhornplay determs for soundaesthetics. Last year Dalius finished successfully his Master in electroacoustic composition.

Silvan Jeger is born 1985 in Olten and lives in Zurich. As a child and as a teenager Jeger took cello lessons and later had first musical experiences as a singer and bass player in a punk-band. After high school, he had first lessons on the double bass. From 2005 to 2010 he was studying at the Zurich University of the Arts in Jazz (MA in music) on the double bass as well as interfaces/programming, cello and voice. He is part of „DAY&TAXI“, the „Reto Suhner quartet“, the „Silvan Schmid quintet“ and „One Tfu“. Jeger is co-leading the trio „Uassyn“, the duo „cold voodoo“ and the mysterious trio „Wenn ich morgen stürbe…“. Furthermore, he’s the leader of the jazz/improv-quartett „this difficult tree“, of „Kingdom Behauptung“, a conceptual pop-band, and releases solo recordings under the name of „publish/perish“.

  • Travis Reuter – Gitarre
  • Jason Nazary – Schlagzeug
  • Dalius Singer – Trompete
  • Silvan Jeger – Bass

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