Unerhört Festival 2. Set

Do, 30. November 2017 – 21:00

DDK Trio is consisting of three leading figures of the european improvised music scene; it has been premiered at Festival Météo Mulhouse 2014.
Jacques Demierre, piano Axel Dörner, trumpet Jonas Kocher, accordion
The trio plays an improvised music totally focused on the here and now. Totally open to accidents and unexpected situation, their playing covers a wide musical range from silence and tiny sound lines to eruptive and sharp sonic attacks. Sound and listening forming the core of the music, rather than any stylistic idiom.
Since 2014, the three musicians had the chance to present their work at Météo festival Mulhouse, Exploratorium Berlin, Music Salon Zagreb, Zavod Sploh Ljubljana, Curva Minore Palermo, Festi- val Imprudences Paris, Cave12 Genève, Instants Chavirés Paris, DOM Moscow, Theses Festival Kemerovo and in many more places in Europe.
They released a limited edition vinyl on the label cave12 in 2016, “Floating Piece of Space”.

  • Axel Dörner – Trompete
  • Jonas Kocher – Akkordeon
  • Jacques Demierre – Klavier

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